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Irresistible Thanksgiving Games, Appetizers, & Decor For A Cozy Gathering

November 7, 2023

There is no time like Thanksgiving. The time when family and friends come together to appreciate and show love to each other. This time is best spent with delicious food, fun games, and Thanksgiving-worthy decorations. Our Thanksgiving apartment staples will make your 1305 Dock Street experience a good one. So, read on for some apartment-friendly ways to spice up your Thanksgiving.

Fantastic Appetizers

Delicious dishes are a huge part of what makes Thanksgiving a wholesome holiday. We’ve compiled a list of some tasty treats, each with unique tastes to spice up your day. These Thanksgiving appetizers will make sure to hit every taste bud in your mouth and leave you craving for more. Creamy Onion Dip with Gruyere, Roasted Pepper Hummus, Deviled eggs, Butternut Squash Soup, Thanksgiving turkey, Soft Pretzel Bites, and wrapped Pickles.

Games, Shows, and More

We’ve got some tips and tricks on styling your home for Thanksgiving. You want to pick all the right fall colors, including warm-toned and neutral colors. There’s no Fall without flowers and straw, so don’t add those to the equation. Make sure you pick flowers that will last. Synthetic flowers might be your best bet. However, there are some excellent, long-lasting, real flower choices.

There’s no better time than Thanksgiving to bring out some good movies and games. Everyone’s around, and you can have some friendly competition. There are many different Thanksgiving games, such as Turkey Tag, Feather Toss, Pumpkin Roll, What’s Missing, and Blowing Leaves. If gaming is not your thing, you could watch Thanksgiving shows such as The Big Chill, You’ve Got Mail, and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. There’s nothing like cuddling up with family and friends while watching a nostalgic movie.

Thanksgiving Apartment Staples at Your Disposal

Use these simple tips and tricks to make your Thanksgiving the best. Just imagine being warm and cozy in your apartment with family and friends around to make the time memorable. Make this Thanksgiving one to remember.


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