Refreshing Décor for Your Apartment This Spring & Summer - 1305 Dock Street

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Refreshing Décor for Your Apartment This Spring & Summer

April 28, 2023

Enjoy the spectacular 1305 Dock Street two-story lobby in style this coming season by preparing it. Its apartments are elegant and feature stunning views. This article will tackle storing winter items and decorations for a smooth transition into spring and summer.

Storing Winter Items

Only Pack What You Want to Wear Next Winter

Keeping winter clothes, you will not wear next year is a good use of space. Make sure what you keep still fits you and looks good. The rule is especially for kids, if, if you are a parent, you know the clothes they wear now; might only fit next year, give them to charity if you plan to pass on clothes from one child to another.

Utilize a Vacuum-Sealed Bag to Store Winter Clothes

The bag is essential to keep your coats and jackets from collecting dust and parasites. Keeping your items in a vacuum bag ensures that they are clean and ready for next winter.

Plan Where to Place Your Storage Containers

Formulate a plan of where you will place your storage containers after packing winter items. For example, you can use the private balcony to store some of your winter items. However, storage is better in an excellent, dry space. A clear picture of where you will store winter items will help.

Decoration for A Smooth Transition

Having a smooth transition is easy if you follow the trends mentioned below.

Add Botanical Art

Nothing screams summer like botanical art. Always start simple and build from there. Try out art pieces that reflect a greenery feel, for example, birds and trees.

Feature Spring Filled Textures

Adding a few layers and textures to your home decorations can bring out the spring feeling. Textures to include are rattan, macrame, and mixed metals.

Brighten Your Apartment with Spring Colors

Play around with green, white, or other colors that scream “Happy spring!” Feel free to use yellow and bright blue to help bring out the light in your home.

Getting Ready for Summer

1305 Dock Street apartments make it easy to prepare for spring and summer. The Apartment 101 tips above will ensure you efficiently store winter items and decorate your rental apartment for spring and summer.


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