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Spruce Up Your 1305 Dock Street Apartment: Renter-Friendly Edition

January 19, 2023

Find your pet-friendly apartment home and the community at 1305 Dock Street, where you can find everything you need and nothing you don’t. There are plenty of places to hang out, such as the two-story lobby or the lounge, and you can get some exercise by walking along the waterfront promenade. There are also plenty of outdoor and waterfront activities within the neighborhood.

New Additions For A Brighter Space

White curtains and light-colored furniture are popular apartment trends to add light and brighten your space. White curtains allow more light to shine into your space, and light-colored furniture reflects the light better than dark furniture. Here’s a fun apartment-friendly tip: dark colors absorb, and light colors reflect. This is important to remember when decorating your home and thinking about the vibes or mojo you’d like to create in your space and home.

Clean, Organized, and Unique

Especially in an apartment, it can be easy to clutter your space with various linen and clothing items. You can keep any area clean and organized by using a portable wardrobe closet to store all your clothes, blankets, and other linens and items you may have. This renter-friendly hack also makes moving or relocating quick and easy.

New Interior Trends

Apartment living is becoming more common in local communities, so knowing the latest apartment trends and renter-friendly hacks is essential. Decorating your home with bright-colored furniture and using portable furniture options are the perfect addition to your home in your family-friendly community. There are also plenty of things to do with guests outside your home, including playing billiards or hanging out in the technology bar.


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