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The Top Three Activities You Can Do in Your 1305 Dock Street Apartment

April 4, 2022

Baltimore is a city packed with excitement and plenty for you to do. Living in your 1305 Dock Street apartment allows for quick and easy access to what’s on offer in the city and luxury living that you can enjoy while at home. Here are three activities that you can take advantage of while staying in the area.

Three Hobbies to Pick Up This Month

Discover new hobbies close to your apartment and enjoy fun indoor activities. Tours and expeditions are available at the National Aquarium, where you can learn about animals and wildlife worldwide. Pier Six Pavilion is a venue hosting music events throughout the year. Other indoor hobbies are available nearby at the Maryland Athletic Club. Stay fit and healthy here by taking part in spin, HIIT, or yoga classes.

Tips For Dedicating Space in Your Home

Creating space for comfortable apartment living can help you improve the look and feel of your home. Stay organized and keep everything in its rightful place: clothes neat, cabinets cleaned, and paperwork filed away. Keep to simple and practical design ideas, such as sticking with one color scheme, clean lines, and classic patterns. This will help prevent rooms from looking out of place as you walk through your living space. Trick the mind with mirrors by making your rooms look bigger.

Dining Options in Baltimore

Finally, Baltimore is filled with great options for dining. There’s Nando’s for a classic meal, and for Italian food, there’s Bagby Pizza. Experience a luxurious at the Best of Baltimore Award-winning café, Teavolve Café and Lounge. Whatever you choose to do, there are plenty of dining options to enjoy while living in the city!


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