Slurp Your Way Through National Soup Month in Baltimore

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Slurp Your Way Through National Soup Month in Baltimore

January 13, 2022

Some people like the snow, some people don’t. Some people like bundling up in layers to go outside, others don’t. However, there is one thing about the winter months that most of us can agree upon: the joy of warming up inside with a good soup. 

Lucky for us, January is National Soup month! Soup has a long history — from its invention in around 20,000 BC to Andy Warhol’s painting of the famous Campbell soup cans in 1965. 

It’s cold this month in Baltimore, so take some time to celebrate the rich history of soup and to warm your soul by trying out the best soup in the city, all not too far from your home at 1305 Dock Street. 

Where to Find Delicious Soup in Baltimore

Locust Point Steamers

Not too far away from your home at 1305 Dock Street, you’ll find Locust Point Steamers, where you can get the best seafood and soup in Baltimore. You won’t want to miss their Maryland Crab Soup and Cream of Crab Soup! Pro tip: Combine them to make their Half and Half soup, a true Baltimore delicacy!

Mi & Yu Noodle Bar

With locations in Federal Hill and Hampden, Mi & Yu Noodle Bar provides you with delicious noodles floating in a savory broth. They have an array of noodle bowls where you’ll get to pick your protein, type of noodle, and broth. Slurp your heart out!

Soup’s On

On Preston Street in Mount Vernon you’ll find Soup’s On, an establishment devoted to providing you with the warmest and tastiest soup. They’ve got everything you’ll ever want, from vegan soups like, red lentil with apricot, to meat soups like french onion with gruyere cheese. 


Atwater’s has a unique commitment to quality and traditional food. Founded in 1999 as a small bakery, it now has several locations throughout the Baltimore area that serve a number of classic foods, like delicious soups, made from scratch. Some of their soups include split pea and ham and vegetarian creamy tomato bisque.

Ramen Utsuke

Head over to the Inner Harbor to grab some one-of-a-kind ramen at Ramen Utsuke. This restaurant has a diverse selection of Japanese comfort foods. Check out their Kyushu-style Tonkotsu ramen and their Sapporo-style Miso ramen. 


At this classic deli in Little Italy, you’ll find nostalgic soups that are sure to warm your heart and soul. Try out their chicken noodle soup, matzo ball soup, and Maryland crab soup at Attman’s today!

Mama’s on the Half Shell

Opened in 2003, this casual dining restaurant is sure to have everything you want and more for National Soup Month. Head to Canton to savor the Maryland crab soup, french onion soup, or delectable seafood chowder at Mama’s on the Half Shell

Pho Bac

Last but not least, check out this authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Canton to find some warmth in these cold months. Pho Bac has an array of pho for the vegetarian, meat-lover, and seafood-lover that you’ll definitely want to try out whether or not you have had pho before!

Take a Break from Life and Sip Your Soup

We hope that a good bowl of soup this month will provide you with some relief from the daily stressors of your life. Make sure that your phone eats first by snapping a pic of your bowl and tagging us at @1305DockStreet on Instagram!


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