Self-care in the City: Focus on Yourself in Baltimore

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Self-care in the City: Focus on Yourself in Baltimore

January 17, 2022

In between all the responsibilities of our daily lives, it can be difficult to find time to prioritize the things that make us feel good. However, self-care, which is defined as the practice of taking action to improve our happiness, health and wellbeing, is not something that we should sacrifice in the name of taking care of other things and people in our lives. 

Self-care, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social self-care, is essential to preserving your quality of life and making you the best and most fulfilled version of yourself. The practice of self-care is not just a once-in-a-while, occasional treat we give ourselves, but a lifelong, sustainable practice. 

If you’re looking for a place to start with self-care, try out any of these amazing places in Baltimore that will provide you the resources to better take care of yourself!

Top Self-care Spots in Baltimore

Charm City Healing

If you’re interested in acupuncture, you might want to head over to Locust Point to check out Charmy City Healing. Charm City Healing specializes in the natural treatment of chronic pain, low back pain, digestive issues, and more with acupuncture — the insertion of tiny, flexible needles into specific points on the body — and herbal medicine. Schedule an appointment at your convenience!

The Well

Stop in and unwind at The Well, which is located in Federal Hill. A mix between a spa and a clinic, the skilled practitioners at The Well will provide you with any healing services you need, from massage therapy to meditation. They also provide reiki therapy, a Japanese form of energy healing that involves a technique called palm healing. 

Art of Balance

Also in Federal Hill you’ll find a full-service spa called Art of Balance. This spa offers both aesthetic and wellness services and focuses on three core pillars of personal transformation: modern aesthetics, wellness therapies, and spa experiences. Take some time for yourself by booking an appointment at Art of Balance for their signature facial, halotherapy (a form of therapy involving the inhalation of salts), or any of their other services!


PURE Integrated Health Services Foundation in Highlandtown can help you begin your holistic journey of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. They offer a range of self-care experiences — from helping you get started with aromatherapy to cupping therapy, which helps reduce inflammation or pain in the body through the use of cups on a person’s skin. They also have programs like “Self Healing” and “Meditation,” which will help you build sustainable methods for caring for and prioritizing yourself. 

Charm City Integrative Health

Located in Canton, Charm City Integrative Health specializes in both eastern and western medicinal methods to help you achieve your wellness goals. Their services help with nourishing the body, increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, and regulating normal body rhythms and functions. Some of their treatments include cryotherapy, which involves stepping into a freezing cold booth to boost energy and trigger weight loss, and gua sha, which helps break up congestion and muscle tenseness in the body.

The Loft

Also in Canton, you’ll find The Loft, which offers an incredible sauna experience. Their infrared sauna provides a space for you to meditate, stretch, detox, or do whatever else you need to do. Some of the benefits of the sauna include detoxifying your body, stimulating your circulatory system, and stimulating collagen production to help with anti-aging. 

Woodberry Wellness

Take a trip to the Woodberry neighborhood to start your self-care journey at Woodberry Wellness. Woodberry Wellness is a group of independent health and wellness practitioners who share a common space and values. In this space, you’ll find practitioners who specialize in acupuncture, therapy, physical therapy, reiki, and myofascial release, which relaxes contracted muscles and improves blood flow. Book an appointment with the practitioner of your choice today!

Sister Song Healing

Heal your energy at Sister Song Healing in Hamilton. The sisters at Sister Song Healing provide a variety of reiki services, from an individual reiki session, a sister reiki session (where both sisters will guide your relaxation), and even pet reiki! Plus, if you’re looking for a little more guidance and vision in your life, they do tarot and oracle card readings!

Zen and the City

Zen and the City, located in Mt. Vernon, is one of Baltimore’s best-rated massage and bodywork centers. Here, you can get your perfect massage, whether you are an individual, in a couple, or a mother-to-be. Also, treat yourself to hot stones, a scalp treatment, or a facial to complete your self-care experience. 

Self-care is About You!

Self-care is all about what makes you feel good. It could be one of these spas, salons, or wellness centers, or it could just be cozying up on the couch with a favorite book. If you’d like to share with us how you engage in self-care, feel free to tag us @1305dockstreet on Instagram!


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