The Scoop on National Ice Cream Month in Baltimore

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The Scoop on National Ice Cream Month in Baltimore

July 15, 2021

Summer is well underway, and what’s a better way to spend these warm months than to indulge in a delicious scoop (or two) of ice cream? July is National Ice Cream Month, so if you haven’t already, venture out into Baltimore to find your personal favorite ice cream destination to celebrate this sweet holiday. 

Humans have had a sweet tooth and have been enjoying ice cream for a long, long time. Though the exact origin of ice cream is unknown, it likely dates back to A.D. 54 to 68 under Emperor Nero’s rule in Rome.

If nothing else, you have one thing in common with early U.S. presidents: your love of ice cream! Ice cream started out as an exclusive sweet treat for the rich, but with the patenting of the hand crank ice cream maker in 1843 and further technological innovation, ice cream is now a widely beloved and enjoyed delicacy — so much so that President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month.

Go beyond the ice cream aisle in the grocery store and treat yourself this month to a few scoops of ice cream by checking out these local ice cream shops in Baltimore!

Fell’s Point Creamery

Not too far from your home at 1305 Dock Street, you’ll find Fell’s Point Creamery! They won’t disappoint with a full menu of ice cream, sorbet, shakes, smoothies, and more! They even offer up delectable ice cream cakes for that special summer celebration.

Taharka Bros

Mintflix & Chillz, Matcha Mochi, and Chocolate Love — these are just a few of the flavors created by and served at Taharka Bros. With locations in Federal Hill, Remington, and Fell’s Point, Taharka Bros is an “employee-owned” ice cream shop that serves ice cream made by a diverse group of Baltimoreans. They also serve several non-dairy ice cream flavors for those with dietary restrictions!

Bmore Licks

With locations in both Canton and Federal Hill, Bmore Licks will satisfy your ice cream needs. Support this family-owned shop by trying their soft serve, hard ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, or snowballs. The Cookie Monster hard ice cream and Banana Chocolate Chunk soft serve are particularly delicious, but if they’re not your speed, Bmore Licks offers over 100 flavors of handmade soft serve available every day!

The Charmery

Founded by a husband and wife team, The Charmery aims to not only provide top-notch ice cream, but to collaborate with the local community of artists, musicians, and community figures. While the seven “Always” flavors will forever be on their menu, the remaining flavors rotate with the seasons. Pick up a pint of their ice cream at their location in Hampden or Federal Hill. 

Miss Twist

Ice cream trucks are not just for kids! Miss Twist offers vanilla, chocolate, twist, and creamsicle twist soft serve, along with gelatis, floats, and more for dessert-lovers of all ages. Use the Truck Tracker link on their website to find your way to one of the best ice cream spots in town. 

Dig in!

We hope that no matter where you choose to get your ice cream, it’s as sweet as can be. If you purchase a cup, cone, or whatever else your heart desires, make sure to snap a pic of it and tag us in your photos, @1305DockStreet


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