Let's Celebrate Earth Day 2021 At 1305 Dock Street

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Earth Day At 1305 Dock Street

April 16, 2021

Residents of 1305 Dock Street, after a crazy 2020, it’s important we give some love back to our planet on Earth Day 2021. Since 1970, April 22 has been deemed Earth Day. Each and every Earth Day, we are encouraged to appreciate our world and are challenged to make a difference! There are countless fun, active and GREEN ways to love our earth and love yourself this April right here in Baltimore.

Get Down and Dirty: Hands-On Activities 

One important aspect of Earth Day is taking time to beautify and clean the world around us. Remove invasive species and release tadpoles into the stream at the Howard County Conservatory! Help plant trees to help purify the air and water this Saturday, April 24, at Lock Raven Skeet and Trap Center

Passionate about our city of Baltimore? Sign up for Beautify South Baltimore—volunteers are encouraged to pick up trash, spread mulch and distribute trash bags all across their neighborhoods. 

Take a walk through Druid Hill Park, where trash pickers, trash bags and gloves will be provided for all volunteers ready to make EveryDay Earth Day Clean Up, on April 17. 

Hands On H.I.I.T, run by Kate Cook Fitness, is a 30 minute workout followed by clean-up of Baltimore, more specifically, the Canton Waterfront Park. Get social and get recycling with Kate Cook Fitness at this free event on April 25th! Sign up for Hands On H.I.I.T.

Take Time to Reflect: Learn and Love the Earth

Stroll through the historic Benson-Hammond House in Linthicum Heights and enjoy the history of our farming community. Take a tour to learn even more about the House, the history and the importance of the land we walk on every day. 

Search, seek and hike through Oregon Ridge Nature Center on an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt. This self-guided hunt shows the glories of our natural world, while also educating you on planet earth! Cruise down the Patuxent River on a guided Earth Day Kayak Tour! Fully immerse yourself in the Earth Day love and learning experience on April 22. 

Go Green at Home: Turn Your 1305 Dock Street Apartment Home Green

There are so many ways to start simple and live green! Reusable grocery bags, energy-efficient light bulbs, and turning off lights are just little things that truly help save the planet. Shop at the Farmers Market or thrift stores for healthy, non-mass produced food and clothes. Going green can turn into home decor, like repurposing glass jars for leftover containers or bulk storage in your kitchen! Learn more ways to go green.