How to Have a SOUPer Winter in Baltimore With Local Soup

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How to Have a SOUPer Winter in Baltimore

January 21, 2021

In 1986, Campbell’s Soup announced that January is National Soup Month. Ever since, we’ve been warming ourselves up with soups and stews all-month-long.

Beat the cold and boost your immune systems with some soup. It’s great if you’re tired, cold, ill, and/or simply overwhelmed and stressed. Ordering soup from nearby restaurants is also an opportunity to support local, stimulating Baltimore’s economy and giving restaurants the help they need during this shutdown.

So, warm yourself up with the best soup near 1305 Dock Street, to-go!

Egg-Cellent Soups

These dishes are reminiscent of the famous Chicken Noodle Soup, as they all have chicken, broth, and healing properties.

Chicken Noodle

Chicken Noodle Soup is an essential soup dish for this list. Beyond its literal heat, this soup warms our hearts, as Chicken Noodle is nostalgic and reminiscent of home, family and childhood.

Believe it or not, Chicken Noodle originated thousands of years ago and is considered to have healing properties for our respiratory, cardiovascular, and immune systems. It specifically aids with congestion and cold-like symptoms. Chicken Noodle typically consists of a clear, chicken stock, chicken, noodles, carrots, greens, and spices.

Soup’s On, a gourmet soup shop in Mt. Vernon, serves up the best Chicken Noodle Soup in Baltimore––it’s a delicious and perfect pick-me-up.

Matzo Ball

Matzo Ball Soup, or Matzah Ball Soup, is a souperb dish with matzo balls, a Jewish dumpling consisting of matzah meal, eggs, water, oil, and/or fats. They’re reminiscent of saltines and soup dumplings. The base of the soup is often Chicken Soup, with stock, chicken, carrots, parsley, and spices.

Downtown’s Attman’s Deli has served the best Matzo Ball Soup for years. Be sure to visit them for delicious soup to go.


Avgolemono has various origin stories, but it is most commonly associated with Greece and Turkey. It’s a rich and thicker soup, perfect to beat a cold or the winter blues. Avgolemono’s decadence comes from a broth mixed with egg yolks, chicken, rice, and lemon juice.

Located in Canton and Locust Point, Samos Greek Island Grill has phenomenal Avgolemono.

Clawsome Soups

These crab-based soups are Maryland favorites and are simply must-try’s when you live in Baltimore!

MD Crab Soup

Would this list be complete, if we didn’t mention the infamous MD Crab Soup? Although it is not as rich as Cream of Crab, MD Crab Soup is a hearty stew, rich in flavor and taste. It’s often made with stock, crab, lima beans, tomatoes, carrots, corn, onions, and Old Bay.

We strongly recommend ordering MD Crab Soup from Thames Street Oyster House in Fells Point.

Cream of Crab

Cream of Crab is an American, and particularly Maryland, favorite. It’s considered to be a richer and thicker soup, consisting of crab, cream, milk, butter, flour, and Old Bay Seasoning. Cream of Crab’s decadence and warmth is the perfect way to rid yourself of a winter chill and be comforted.

If you’re interested, visit Fells Point’s The Choptank. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Pro tip: If you’re looking to spice things up, ask for “Half and Half,” which is their Cream of Crab soup mixed with Maryland Crab soup.

We’re Crazy Pho These Soups Too

Oh, and don’t forget these! These soups are soup-er douper.

French Onion

Although it was originally crafted in the seventeenth century in Paris, French Onion soup is now a modern, American staple and favorite. French Onion is made with beef stock and onions. It is later topped gratinéed with melted cheese and/or croutons. French Onion soups are primarily served in lionhead dishes, or wide porcelain bowls, as the soup is not complete without bread. Yep, it’s perfect for dipping.

If you’re looking for this comforting soup, head over to Fells Point’s Duck Duck Goose for the best French Onion Soup in Baltimore!

Italian Wedding

Having originated in Naples centuries ago, Italian Wedding Soup earned its name from the marriage or unity of its key ingredients: meat, leafy bitter greens, and acini di pepe (a small, round Italian pasta). Italian Wedding is often a thinner, lighter soup.

Visit the authentic Italian spot, Dipasquale’s, with locations in in Highlandtown and Harborview, for a warm bowl of Italian Wedding Soup.


Who doesn’t love ramen? This cult favorite was actually imported from China to Japan in the early 20th century. Today, it is widely regarded as a signature dish of Japanese cuisine. Ramen typically consists of a meat-based broth, Chinese wheat or egg noodles, and vegetables. It is typically topped with soy sauce, eggs, and narutomaki, a fishcake.

From the very instant we stepped in the door, we fell in love with Fells Point’s Kippo Ramen.


Pho is widely regarded as an authentic Vietnamese dish and is simply un-pho-gettable. It has a base of meat broth, (traditionally beef broth), and is served with rice noodles, meat (primarily beef, chicken, and seafood), vegetables, and herbs. 

Pho Bac in Canton serves some of the best Pho around. It’s pho-nomenal!

Happy Slurping

We hope you try one of these delicious soups this National Soup Month. Feel free to share your Instagram-worthy soup pics with us, @1305DockStreet.


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