Drinking Dry in Baltimore this Dryuary? Try These Options!

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Drinking Dry in Baltimore this Dryuary

January 18, 2021

“Dryuary,” or a dry January, refers to a month-long break from alcohol. Partaking in Dryuary improves bodily health, decreases insomnia, reduces alcohol dependence, and boosts immune systems. Forgoing alcohol for a month also maintains hydration and water levels. Some choose to do this in February instead, since it is the shortest month of the year, so there’s still time to go dry if you choose.

Cutting out on alcohol doesn’t mean cutting out tasty beverages. So, if you’re doing a Dryuary or simply looking for a delicious beverage, look no further, 1305 Dock Street residents. Here are some great non-alcoholic drinks in Baltimore.

Spill the Tea

Let’s talk tea. Tea is the best winter beverage! Aside from being warm, it can decrease stress, inflammation, and sickness.

Besides, who doesn’t like a little caffeine?


Chai is a sweet and spicy tea, often made into a latte with milk of your choice. Harbor East’s Teavolve Cafe specializes in chai tea, as well as chai lattes: original, dirty (with two shots of espresso), and pumpkin spice.

London Fog

London Fog is blended Earl Grey, steamed milk, and flavored vanilla syrups. It’s a bright, citrusy drink with hints of bergamot and lavender. We definitely recommend visiting Atwater’s for their infamous London Fog latte.


Did you know that matcha is rich in antioxidants and increases cognitive function? It also tastes great! Fell’s Point’s Pitango Bakery and Cafe matcha tea latte is the best matcha in Baltimore. Their matcha is smooth, subtly sweet, with soft, earthy notes.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Looking for a delightful and caffeinated pick-me-up?

Cold Brew

As opposed to regular iced coffee, cold brew has a higher coffee-to-water ratio. Therefore, cold brew has a smoother profile, and tends to be less acidic and bitter. If you’re interested in a delectable cold brew, head to Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters in Harbor East. Aveley Farms carefully internationally sources and selects their beans and roasts.


A cortado is made with espresso and steamed milk, to reduce the bitterness of an espresso shot. If you’re looking for this caffeinated specialty, head to Ceremony Coffee Roasters. Conveniently, Ceremony Coffee Roasters is a few steps away from your home at 1305 Dock Street.

Flat White

No, a flat white is not a latte. Unlike a latte, a flat white consists of espresso, steamed milk, and a thin layer of foam. The foam is “flattened” out. If you’re looking for this full-bodied and rich drink, then head over to Vagrant Coffee.

Sip on Smoothies

Smoothies are healthy and refreshing beverages, filled with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They’re perfect in the morning or on-the-go.

Here’s some of the best smoothies in Baltimore.

Corner Juice Bar’s Crave Crusher

Canton’s infamous Corner Juice Bar serves a cherry Crave Crusher. For $9.25, you can enrich your palette with blended almond milk, chocolate protein, bananas, dehydrated cherries, peanut butter, and a splash of apple juice.

EarthShake’s Kale Ripken

Head over to EarthShake in Fell’s Point for the Kale Ripken. For $8, you can sip on blended kale, coconut water, blueberries, pineapple, bananas, and, of course, almond butter. Yum.

Pure Raw Juice’s Purple Haze Smoothie

Head over to Pure Raw Juice in Federal Hill and be sure to try their vitamin-rich Purple Haze smoothie. It’s the perfect blend of house-made cashew milk, bananas, blueberries, cacao, honey, and chocolate protein.

Bubbly About Bubble Tea

Quite the craze, Bubble Tea is an aesthetic Tawinese tea-based beverage. Bubble tea may have milk, fruit, or juice blends with tapioca pearls, or “bubbles.”

Below are two Baltimore bubble tea shops and their specialties.

Bambao’s Taro Milk Tea with Boba

Bambao, right in in Harbor East, serves delicious Taro Milk Tea, a sweet beverage with hints of vanilla and boba.

Simply Sip’s Thai Tea with Boba

Simply Sip in Little Italy is a cute shop serving up boba-licious beverages. Their Thai Tea is made with black tea, sweetened condensed milk, spices, and, of course, boba.

Looking to Try Kombucha?

Traditionally a Japanese drink, kombucha is a fermented and effervescent tea-based beverage.  Besides its incredible flavor profile, kombucha has a wide array of health benefits. Recent research has shown that drinking kombucha greatly improves your immune system, since it is rich in probiotics and antioxidants.

Looking to get some? Here are some Baltimore-based kombucha fermenters.

Hex Ferments

Hex Ferments offers a deliciously unique and sweet kombucha, Butterfly Lime. It consists of pea flowers, lime juice, and honey.

Mobtown Fermentation

Mobtown Fermentation’s signature Tart Cherry Ginger is a delicious blend of their signature raw wild kombucha, tart cherry juice, ginger juice, and lime juice.


Looking for something to replace your fancy cocktail? Try a mocktail this Dryuary! It’s all of the delectable ingredients, but without the alcohol.

Grab yourself a tasty mocktail to-go at these Baltimore restaurants:


Gunther in Brewer’s Hill features several mocktails on their menu, but we recommend the Rose of Althea, featuring house-made hibiscus shrub, lime juice and soda water.


Take a trip to Mt. Vernon to get mocktails from Topside, located in the stunning Hotel Revival. Check out the Dorothy in the Daytime, which features Ritual Gin Alternative, Jack Rudy Elderflower Tonic, Lime and Fever Tree Ginger Beer.

Happy Sipping

We hope you enjoy one of these delicious, non-alcoholic beverages this Dryuary!


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