September is for Self Improvement at 1305 Dock Street!

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September is for Self Improvement at 1305 Dock Street!

September 17, 2020

The month of September is National Self Improvement month and represents thirty days to focus on a better you in a variety of ways, including exercising, reading, and volunteering. Self Improvement is empowering and can be vital for personal growth—it’s important to take advantage of National Self Improvement month, so go on that run or go read that book this month and then keep the good habits going!

Focus on Health and Wellness

Sometimes to work on improving yourself, you have to seek help from others. This is exactly why Charm City Integrative Health is here for you. This locally owned business offers many different eastern and western therapies in order to improve your health. The services they offer include acupuncture, cryotherapy, cupping, IV therapy, salt therapy, red light therapy, theraputic massages, live O2, Sauna, and clinical counseling. All of these services work to improve your mental and/or physical health. 

Thrive Solutions is another local health/wellness company that uses certain therapies in order to improve the people’s health. They specialize in Hydration and IV therapies in order to improve the upkeep of active lifestyles. Thrive Solutions is a completely mobile company—they come to your home to provide their various therapies, such as improving hydration and vitamin intake for their clients. 

If you are looking for something a bit different, you may want to consider PURE. This company specializes in improving the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of their clients. Specifically, PURE specializes in detox programs and hypnosis. Both of these services mainly focus on improving spiritual and mental health. Beyond that, meditation is the fundamental service that they offer in regards to their couples, family well-being, and empowering therapy programs. 

Grab a Book

Another way to improve yourself is through reading. If you believe reading is one area that you need to improve this September, you may want to head to the Pratt Library. Due to COVID, the library offers sidewalk services, which is a contact free method to rent books, as well as remote printing and taking advantage of remote WIFI hotspots. Consider getting a library card in order to be able to download their audiobooks, eBooks, movies, and eMagazines.  

Serve Others

Volunteering is another way in which you can self improve. There are many different ways to volunteer in Baltimore, such as with the Boys & Girls Club and ReLove Animals. The Boys and Girls Club works to improve the lives of the children of Baltimore, especially ones that are most in need. ReLove Animals works to educate the city of Baltimore about the importance of domestic animals and their welfare. 

Keep it Going

Whether you want to spend your September volunteering, reading, healing, or exercising, you should pick one or a few of these options and commit to it. There is no time like the present, especially when the present is the month of Self Improvement! Then, see what healthy habits you can integrate into your life for the long-term.


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