Have a Soft Spot for Soft Serve? National Ice Cream Day is Almost Here!

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Have a Soft Spot for Soft Serve? National Ice Cream Day is Almost Here!

July 15, 2020

We at 1305 Dock Street definitely scream for ice cream! And here’s the scoop: Sundae, July 19th is this year’s National Ice Cream Day. National Ice Cream Day became federally recognized in 1984, since the average American consumes more than 23 pounds of ice cream each year. 

But, when did ice cream become such a popular dessert?

The Inside Scoop on Everything Ice Cream

So, we don’t actually know when ice cream “came-to-be.” Historians suggest, however, that cream ice was first consumed in China circa 650 BCE. Romans also enjoyed “shaved” ice with fruit nectars and honey.

In 1660, Francesco Procopio Dei Coltelli invented a machine to “perfect” gelato in his cafe. The recipe of milk, butter, eggs, and cream was popular in Italy and Paris, France.

Ice cream then made its way to the US in 1744, (supposedly first becoming popular right here in Maryland). In the 1970s, ice cream trucks and parlors made ice cream an American staple.

Today, over 90% of Americans eat ice cream regularly. And, 40% of those individuals have admitted to eating an entire pint of ice cream. Who hasn’t, right?

If you’re interested in National Ice Cream Day and its fun facts, read more here.

We’re Nuts About These Local Ice Cream Shops

Stop by our favorite ice cream shops and support local this July 19th!

BMore Licks

BMore Licks is located directly across from Patterson Park in Canton. It is a locally-owned shop selling homemade ice cream, soft serve, milkshakes, sundaes, and more.

Chill out with flavors like Blackberry Cobbler, Blondes Have More Fun, Captain Crunch, Cookie Monster, and Zeke’s Coffee Toffee. It’s not just their ice cream that’s special; BMore Licks also has specialty flavored cones. Get a scoop, or two, in a Birthday Cake, Smores, or a Tootsie Roll cone!

Check out their menu here.

Fell’s Point Creamery

Fell’s Point Creamery is so cool.

Fell’s Point Creamery serves hard ice cream and delicious shakes — you can even get a Mouthwatering Malt. Their popular ice cream flavors include classic Cookies N’ Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Strawberry N’ Cream. You can get your scoop, or two, in a waffle bowl…and get it dipped!

If you’re interested in delivery, you can place your order on GrubHub.

Roll Ice Cream & Coffee

Roll Bmore in Highlandtown serves up rolled ice cream. Basically, liquid cream is chopped and then rolled into solid cylinders. It’s trendy and tasty!

This month’s flavors include I Yam What I Yam, ube ice cream with confetti cake and cotton candy. Their various flavors include a sweet cream, chocolate, and mocha base. The fill-ins include peanut butter cups, apple pie, mascarpone, lady fingers, pumpkin pie filling, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Also, this local favorite is cashless and accepts credit, debit, and ApplePay.

The Charmery

The Charmery in Federal Hill is available for pickup and delivery.

You can order pints, pies, and sundaes. Their homemade ice cream comes in a sprinkling of flavors, including: Cherry Mascarpone Chip, Matcha Madeleine, Mint Mountain, and Nutella Brownie.

Or, Get Out and Explore!

If you’re interested, you can go on Maryland’s Ice Cream Trail. Check out the 2020 Ice Cream Passport here.

We hope that you get served this upcoming National Ice Cream Day.


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