Flippin’ Good Pancakes in Baltimore, Right Near 1305 Dock Street!

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Flippin’ Good Pancakes in Baltimore

February 21, 2020

How do you make a pancake smile? Butter them up!

Tuesday, February 25th is National Pancake Day! (It just crȇped up on us!) So, celebrate with some seriously satisfying short stacks in Baltimore!

What Even Is National Pancake Day?

The U.S. commonly associates National Pancake Day with deliciously fluffy pancakes. However, the day does not actually relate to IHOP, or other delectable breakfast foods!

National Pancake Day, (also-known-as Pancake Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, and Mardi Gras), is significant in Christian and imperial-European history. In fact, Pancake Tuesday is the last day of feasting before Ash Wednesday, or the beginning of Lent.

Throughout England, Ireland, and Germany, pancakes were eaten as a “rich delicacy.” So, grab some ‘cakes for yourself this upcoming Tuesday!

P.S. Research suggests that only SEVEN percent of Americans do not like pancakes!

Perfect Pancakes In Baltimore

Celebrate National Pancake Day with the best pancakes in Baltimore at these local spots!

Blue Moon Baltimore

Blue Moon Baltimore is right down the street from your home at 1305 Dock Street in Fells Point—how convenient!

Where Rock n’ Roll meets breakfast food; Blue Moon Cafe is a funky bistro decorated with bright artwork. However, there may be a bit of a wait—because the food is just that good.

Besides their regular (fruit) short stacks, Blue Moon Baltimore serves up Bacon & Apple, Oatmeal & Brown Sugar, Multigrain, Buckwheat, and Banana pancakes!

Sip and Bite

Sip and Bite is also located in Fell’s Point! Did you know that this diner was featured in Food Network’s Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives? Stop by to witness this local hotspot’s 1950s vibes!

Their crazy pancake options include: Cookies & Cream, Graham Crackers or/and Chocolate Chips, Nutella & Coconut, Strawberry Shortcake, and Bacon! Check out their pancake menu here.

Teavolve Cafe

Oh my goodness, you have to go to Teavolve Café, just down the street from us at 1305. Their mellow tearoom and lounge will turn you into a morning person!

And, besides, who doesn’t love a good spot of tea?

Besides their bewildering buttermilk pancakes, you their Red Velvet pancakes are a must—fluffy, sweet, and delicious! You can also add any of these toppings to their original pancakes: strawberries, bananas, toasted almonds, walnuts, pecans, and nutella. Oh, and whipped cream of course!

Iron Rooster

This Canton restaurant is known for their Roostart. It is a gourmet pop-tart made daily. So, definitely order it to share! The reviews, and photos, are amazing. Just view them here.

Beyond their Roostart, their superb pancakes have a modern twist with their spiced maple bourbon butter.

The comfortable atmosphere and homestyle cooking is worth the wait!

Miss Shirley’s Cafe

Miss Shirley’s Cafe is an homage to Miss Shirley McDowell, who educated generations of chefs with her sassy, unique, and joyous flare.

This award-winning cafe offers upscale dishes with the freshest ingredients and southern-flare.

Their griddle cakes are truly unique with flavors like: Cinnamon Danish, Raspberry Danish with white chocolate, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Triple B, with buckwheat, bananas, and blueberries. You may also add garnish and fresh fruit to their original cakes.

Read the rest of their menu here.


Looking for an upbeat eatery? Federal Hill’s Spoons is a must-visit! This cute restaurant has a “sunny side-up” attitude and uses the freshest ingredients for their modern and fun dishes.

Addicted to coffee? Spoons roasts their beans in-house!

Spoons is known for their Cinnamon Roll pancakes, (that actually looks like a real cinnamon roll), with a maple coffee glaze. You can even add bacon to the batter! If that does not suit your fancy, then order some of their fluffy pancakes with pecans, bananas, chocolate chips, and/or blueberries.

Read their menu here.

The Original Pancake House

This chain diner was founded in 1953 in Oregon. Since then, OPH has been a second- and third- generation family business that has made its way to Canton. They ensure that all restaurants do use wheat unbleached flour, 93 score butter, and fresh AA eggs!

This homy spot is known for its Apple Pancake, with fresh granny smith apples and a cinnamon glaze. They also have these tasty cakes: Georgia Pecan, Coconut, Hawaiian with pineapples, Swedish with lingonberries, and their signature Dutch Baby which are oven-baked with lemon and powdered sugar!

Check out the rest of their menu here.

However you plan on celebrating National Pancake Day, we hope that you check out these sweet and savory spots in Baltimore!


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