Winter in Baltimore: Fun for All - See 1305 Dock Street's Top Activities!

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Winter in Baltimore: Fun for All!

January 29, 2020

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! That’s right. We’re not bears — so don’t hibernate all-winter-long and miss out on everything Baltimore and the surrounding areas have to offer!

Here are some fun things to do this winter in Baltimore!

What’s Playing at the Cinema?

It’s Oscar season! So, check out some movies and award-winning films and nominees! (It’s also an easy date for friends and loved ones).


CineBistro is the ultimate dinner and movie experience. Their cuisine uses premium and fresh ingredients. Check out their menu here and find movie showtimes and tickets here.

Just so you know, Tempting Tuesday tickets are only $11/person… and only $22 with a 3-course meal!

IMAX at the Maryland Science Center

View a feature-film or a documentary on a five-story screen! It is the ultimate feature film experience with immersion and surround-sound systems.

Documentary tickets are $9/person and Feature Film tickets are $13.50/person.

See what IMAX is playing here.

Landmark Theatre in Harbor East

Landmark is extremely close to your home at 1305 Dock Street—only a 2-minute drive or a 6-minute walk. So, why not stop-by, watch something new, and order something from the bar?

Find movie showtimes and tickets here.

Weeknight tickets are only $8.50/person!

Bowl a Strike This Winter!

Mustang Alleys

This fun spot offers locally-crafted food menus, a decked-out bar, a 1,000 inch HDTV, and 12 lanes for bowling. So, beat your friends in bowling while enjoying a drink! Prices and hours are on their website.

Patterson Bowling Center

Patterson Bowling Center has been open since 1927 and is rumoured to have been visited by Babe Ruth! This local gem will offer you old-school fun and bowling, so stop-by with friends and family.

Prices and discounts can be found here. (There’s also a $10 OFF coupon).

Take note: You’re allowed to bring your own food and drink, so it’s the perfect excuse to visit Johnny Rad’s pizzeria, right across the street.

If you go, please note that Patterson Bowling Center provides Duckpin bowling. What are Duckpins? Duckpins were the original pins used in bowling! They’re larger and heavier than your typical candlepins. And, while no one really knows when, or where, duckpin bowling began, some people debate that it began right here in Baltimore circa 1895.

So, why does Patterson Bowling Center have them? Well, Patterson Bowling Center was originally built in 1927 and has been using duckpins for over 90 years. They’re the oldest duckpin center in the country and quite possibly the world!

So, travel back-in-time with this lost art of bowling!

Winter Sports & Resorts!

Unfortunately, there are no real skiing and snowboarding spots right in Baltimore. However, these resorts and mountains are all only 90 minutes away. So, plan a day or weekend trip!

Liberty Mountain Resort

Book a stay at Liberty Mountain’s Resort and visit their Laventide Salon & Day Spa, go ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, and/or snow tubing! Their resort also has various dining spots, so don’t miss out on the perfect wintry get-away!

Check out their site for rates, prices, and hours.

Roundtop Mountain Resort

Shred some snow on their various trails ranging in difficulty with your skis or snowboard this winter!

Can’t ski or snowboard? No worries, they also offer snow tubing! So, check their site for packages and prices to plan a fun trip that you’ll remember!

WhiteTail Resort

Hit the slopes at 2 terrain parks, on 23 trails, and with a top elevation of 1800 feet! That’s right. WhiteTail will fulfill all of your skiing and snowboarding wants this winter.

What About Ice Skating?

Dominic “Mimi” DiPietro Family Skating Center is right in the heart of Patterson Park and is open until March! So, rent a pair of skates for only $3 and shred some ice!

Visit their site for more info!

Warm Up With a Hot Chocolate!

Avoid the cold with these delectable chocolate-y delights!

Pitango Gelato

Pitango Gelato is bringing you to the Italian Alps, without having to leave Fell’s Point! So, avoid the cold air with their European hot chocolate drink menu. Enjoy their Hot Italian Sipping Chocolate (cocoa blended with milk and sugar), Marocchino (equal parts sipping chocolate and espresso for a wake-up call), and Chocolate Affogato (a scoop of gelato drowning in sipping chocolate).

Teavolve Cafe

Also in Fell’s Point, Teavolve Cafe is serving you delicious hot cocoa all winter long! Some of their specialties include: Chocoholics Choice (Belgian-style chocolate blended with milk and topped with whipped cream), French Mint Chocolate (rich chocolate blended with mint syrup and milk), and Red Velvet Dress (a pink latte richer than your average chocolate).

You Must Visit These Local Gems

Baltimore National Aquarium

Experience the best aquarium in all of the U.S. and see over 20,000 animals this winter. Visit interesting and wondrous amphibians, birds, bony fish, cartilaginous fish, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles!

Beyond housing creatures beyond the surface, the National Aquarium is a non-profit that strives to make a difference with urban conservation efforts, diverse sustainability, raising awareness on climate change, and advocates for ocean and human health locally, regionally, and federally.

Tickets are half-off on Fridays after 5:00 p.m. and proceeds make our oceans healthier and cleaner.

Maryland Zoo

This winter season, the Maryland Zoo will be open Fridays to Mondays from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and tickets only cost $12/person!

What animals will you see when visiting the zoo in winter? Well, you may encounter prairie dogs, polar bears, grizzly bears, arctic foxes, a bald eagle, penguins, leopards, bobcats, cheetahs, otters, chimps, lemurs, rhinos, and more!

Stop by for the winter discount and to witness beautiful creatures. Proceeds will also be dedicated to conservation efforts and sustainability projects to protect ecosystems and world-wide health for all.

Admire Art

Experience history and culture. Visit these art museums for creative inspiration, wonder, and awe!

American Visionary Art Museum

Explore over 4,000 visionary works on the first and second floor from all over the world, a 38-foot-wide Bird’s Nest Balcony on the 3rd floor, and various sculptures outside.

Their 2020 exhibit is The Secret Life of Earth: Alive! Awake! (and Possibly Really Angry!) It brings awareness to capitalism’s effects on climate change, the need for conservation, and the crippling of the Earth’s wellbeing.

Tickets are $15.95/person.

Baltimore Museum of Art

The BMA is free for everyone, everyday. So, check out their internationally renowned collection of Victorian, Edwardian, Modern, and Contemporary art! Prepare to be amazed by over 94,000 pieces of art.

Their current exhibitions include:

  • Adorned: African Women & the Art of Identity, paying homage to strict gendered divisions in sub-Saharan Africa that denoted gendered status, norms, and roles within the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • By Their Creative Force: American Women Modernists, with painting, sculptures, and decorative arts within the 20th century.
  • Spencer Finch: Moon Dust, available until 2024, Spencer Finch’s light installation Moon Dust, (Apollo 17), will highlight BMA’s Fox Court!

The Walters Art Museum

Their current exhibitions and installations include:

  • Excursions through the Collection, featuring 35 masterpieces from second century BCE to the early 20th century and modern era.
  • From Mucha to Morris, 12 unique rare books and manuscripts from the Art Nouveau movement in the 1890s.
  • Arts of Asia, ancient scriptures and paintings that engages in Asian culture and traditions.

And more!

Also, be sure to explore the new 1 West Mount Vernon Place, ancient materials, rare books, and relics for FREE.

Can You Escape?

Interested in challenges, puzzles, riddles, and fun? Then, check out Charm City Clue Room in the Inner Harbor. Tickets are $29/person. 

Get your team together for 60 minutes to escape. Check out their current escape rooms here.

Take A Class

Learn a new skill and accomplish your New Year’s resolutions by taking a class this winter in Baltimore!


Interested in eating-in more often? Or, are you just not-so-great in the kitchen? Check out these available classes near you.

Baltimore Chef Shop

Classes are available for all skill-levels and they offer Technique Classes with hands-on instruction, Couples Cooking Classes, and Menu-Based Classes.

Check out their upcoming classes here.

Schola Cooking School

Schola’s classes are hands-on, informative, and fun. Their various classes include: Technique, Regional Cuisines, Classic Chefs, Date Night, WineMaker Cooking Series, and Butcher Cooking Series.

Check out their upcoming classes and events here.

Glass Blowing

Interested in freeing your creative spirit and creating unique and artisanal pieces? Try out some workshops, classes, and private sessions at Corradetti’s Glassblowing Studio and Gallery!

Working with Tools

Interested in woodworking, knife making, crafting, or home repair? Or, do you just like working with your hands? Station North Tool Library offers classes for everyone!

Check out their site for more details.

Various Skills

Open Works Baltimore offers classes for everyone! Check out their site for their Safety, Skill, Project, and Foundation classes!

There’s always tons to do in winter in Baltimore, so don’t stay inside all season long! Get out and have some fun!


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