Don’t Lose Track of Thyme Before Thanksgiving at 1305

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Don’t Lose Track of Thyme Before Thanksgiving!

November 14, 2019

What is a turkey’s favorite dessert? … Peach Gobbler!

That’s right 1305 Dock Street, Thanksgiving is in a few weeks! Get ready to get stuffed and feast with friends and family! We encourage all residents to host your own Friendsgiving, or Thanksgiving, in your lovely apartment!

Here’s how to host the perfect holiday dinner right in your home.

Prep & Plan

Don’t procrastinate and do everything the night before, or the day of. Strategize your shopping and make lists. Plan out all of the dishes that you want to make. Then, write down the ingredients or cooking instruments that you need to buy. Don’t plan on making a turkey and then forget a cooking thermometer!

Also, plan out your guest list and decorations. How many chairs will you need? Is your table large enough? It is recommended that you decorate hours ahead of time. That way, you may make any adjustments necessary.

When planning, make sure that you ask your guests to bring some desserts or sides! Plan and organize what you would like them to bring. You could even try creating a shareable spreadsheet for everyone to fill out what they’d like to bring. Do not tell them to, “Bring whatever they want,” you could end up with five of the same side dish!

Keep it Simple…

With the Food
Don’t overdo it and don’t overthink it! That’s right. When hosting a Thanksgiving feast, we all tend to do too much. So, just plan on making a few small side dishes along with the turkey. Encourage friends and family to bring some of their own dishes and desserts—think quality over quantity! It will also cut back on your cleaning and counterspace.

With the Decorations
Keep it simple with the decorations as well. Instead of an overly extravagant headpiece, why not just utilize a small bouquet, small ceramics, small candles, or some natural pieces, like pine cones and foliage? You can fill up tiny glass jars with cleaned pine cones or foliage and even spray them with a pearl or shine! Or, simply put some tiny candles in the center of your table. Keep it simple with your table runner, table cloth, and napkins as well. Try fall-themed colors such as burgundy, browns, oranges, or deep reds.

With your Apartment
Make sure that all of your finest dishes and utensils are sparkling clean. That also goes for your entire apartment. In terms of seating, keep it simple and use what you have—even ottomans and folding chairs will work.

Want to host without having to clean your apartment? Consider renting out the 1305 clubroom! Be sure to talk to the office in advance to schedule a time when it’s available.

Need more Thanksgivng inspiration? Check out this website for cute decorating tips! We hope all of your 1305 Friendsgivings and Thanksgivings go well this holiday season.