Harbor Point is Ready for Beach Bods: Where to Workout in Baltimore

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Harbor Point is Ready for Those Beach Bods

April 15, 2019

Summer is finally right around the corner and it’s time for those beach bods! As you may know, 1305 Dock Street does not have an on-site fitness center. However, there are plenty of opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle and obtain those fitness goals.

1305 Dock Street is located right next to the marina and provides dazzling views of the water. So, why not soak up some Vitamin D and take a run along the water? The views (and workout) are bound to take your breath away.

But, I Don’t Want to Go to the Gym

Sometimes fitness centers can be intimidating. Or, perhaps your busy schedule doesn’t give you much time to workout at the gym. That’s okay! Here are two amazing, local Instagrammers that promote workouts for all. Best of all, you can do them right in your living room!

She Keeps It Simple: Meet Becky Conti
The Becky Conti who Trains Some of the Best in Baltimore
Contact Info: @beckycontifitness   |   becky@beckyfit.com

Becky is a nutritionist, personal trainer, and certified weight loss coach who promotes healthier lifestyles and simple workouts that ANYONE can do. Becky is passionate about helping others and her ambition has lead to her amazing company, BeckyFit, which advocates that healthier lifestyles lead to overall greater satisfaction. As a new mom, she understands the stresses of life and the need for balance. Check out one of her workouts that’s ideal for a small space:

15 Minute Anytime, Anywhere Workout
This quick total-body workout can be done anywhere—from the office, at home, or even in a hotel during travel! With a combination of power moves and body weight exercises, Becky makes it easy to tone muscles, shred fat, burn calories, and gain confidence.

It’s SO simple, anyone can do it! Check out the workout and illustrations here. Her site also promotes healthier eating habits and features other workouts, so be sure to give it a look!

Got Amazon Prime? Meet Maggie Binkley!
Fitness Maggie Creates Free 15 Min Workouts on Amazon Prime
Contact Info: @fitness_maggie   |   fitnessmaggie.com/lets-go

Exercise Psychologist and Canton resident Fitness Maggie aims to inspire the world to live happier by living healthy. Her 15 min workout videos are both effective and easy for all. Her smash hits include full-body workouts, toning of the upper arms, killer core workouts, and sculpting of the lower body. You don’t have to leave your living room with these effective muscle-building and fat-burning videos.

Watch them and workout here.

Fitness Studios Only A Few Steps Away

[SolidCore] Offers a 50 Minute Workout Routine with Local Coaches
Each client will receive personalized attention in this intense pilates-based workout. It’s unlike anything that you have ever experienced before with a combination of high-intensity, low-impact, and controlled power moves. This studio is perfect for anyone who wants to tone their entire body. If you attend classes 2-3 times per week, then you could see results by the end of week 2 and again at day 30. There is a New Client Package for as low as $39 on their site.

CorePower Yoga Roots an Intense Workout in the Mindfulness of Yoga
CorePower offers a free week to all new clients, so take advantage of this great deal! At CorePower Yoga, they offer various yoga classes, from beginner to advanced—this studio welcomes all individuals. The heat and humidity combination stretches the muscles and detoxes the skin, while also clearing the mind. This studio will help alleviate any stress from work, school, home, or anything life throws your way.

Harbor East Promotes Healthier Lifestyles

Just a few short blocks from Harbor Point, you’ll find tons of fitness options in Harbor East.

MAC, Maryland Athletic Center
Here, fitness coaches are friends. With unmatched amenities, plentiful workout options, and several studios, all are welcome. Need to swim? There are four saltwater pools perfect for a backstroke or freestyle. Oh, you like squash? They’ve got two Single International Squash Courts. Cycling? They have that too! Check out the site for a FREE 3-day trial pass.

Orangetheory Fitness
This fitness studio combines science and technology to create a better workout for you. This hour-long class is led by a trainer and combines floor workouts with cardio, indoor rowers, and weight training blocks…all while monitoring your heart rate! Here, you will reach optimal and target heart rate levels to shred that fat and make the most of your exercise. Check out the site for a free training session!

BeachFit Baltimore
Missing the beach? This fitness center designs workouts that are just as fun as a trip to the shore. BeachFit promotes that all workouts should be balanced, motivated, and inspirational. They offer yoga classes (on surfboards!), group classes, personal training…and birthday parties! First-Time members will receive a monthly fee of only $49.

Industry Athletics
Looking for a fitness center to gain muscle mass and strength? Industry Athletics promotes weight training with excellent machinery and even offers CrossFit! These bench presses and pull-ups are accompanied with expert coaches. So, go get your free class and get ready to build up those biceps!

Fells Point: Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

Check out neighboring Fells Point as well for even more fitness options!

Sanctuary Bodyworks
One of the only fitness centers in Fells Point to offer a wide range of fitness programs, they have something for everyone. Pilates, yoga, barre, dance fitness…your body is their temple and expert trainers are ready to help you along your fitness journey!

YogaWorks: Best Yoga in Baltimore
The YogaWorks Baltimore Studios have been ranked “Best Yoga in Baltimore” for 15 years now! Expert coaches are ready to promote positivity through body and mind with many popular yoga classes: Hot Vinyasa, Beginners’ Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga, Prenatal Yoga, and YogaWorks Flow. Check out the new student offer on their site to get started.

Whether you choose to go for a run, enjoy an at-home workout, or check out one of these great studios, we hope you enjoy your workout and feel great afterwards!












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