Flow Through a Hot Yoga Class at YogaWorks Fells Point - 1305 Dock Street

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Flow Through a Hot Yoga Class at YogaWorks Fells Point

June 27, 2018

The body generates heat during a workout, which is part of the reason that you warm up. It gets the blood flowing and the body literally warms up so that your muscles, joints, and tendons are more flexible. It can help to prevent injury during exercise. So it makes sense to hold a yoga class in a studio that's already hot—it just makes the process of warming up even easier on your body. Come to YogaWorks Fells Point to dive into a hot yoga practice.

Its hot Vinyasa classes welcome yogis of all ability levels to join in the fast-flowing routine. You'll master some tricky poses as you move quickly through a series of postures linked specifically to your breath. The heat in the room makes your muscles malleable enough to easily conquer more complicated asanas that you might have once thought were impossible.

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