Flow to Live Music Every Wednesday at BambooMoves Yoga - 1305 Dock Street

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Flow to Live Music Every Wednesday at BambooMoves Yoga

February 27, 2018

Monica Ott sings soft, sultry notes that fill the space between the bamboo flooring and tin ceiling at BambooMoves Yoga each Wednesday night. She not only owns the studio, she also provides the live soundtrack for a special Vinyasa class. Another instructor steps in to guide students as they flow through poses synchronized perfectly with the uplifting music.

The weekly live music class is just one of the ways that BambooMoves Yoga sets itself apart from other studios. It also offers a lineup of classes for different levels and preferences every day of the week. Get your day off on a healthy foot by attending a sunrise all-levels class first thing, or come to a candlelit restorative yoga class after dinner to erase the stresses of that day. If you're new to the practice, start at Yoga Basics and then move through Level I, II, and III.


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