Enjoy Oysters and Cold Beers at Lee’s Pint & Shell, The Area's Newest Eatery - 1305 Dock Street

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Enjoy Oysters and Cold Beers at Lee’s Pint & Shell, The Area’s Newest Eatery

January 4, 2017

Lee’s Pint & Shell is a favorite oyster bar for patrons seeking a low-key, friendly, and delicious experience. This informal restaurant is Canton’s newest corner seafood spot, and guests say it’s one of the most delicious things to happened to the area in a long time!

Wooded walls and aluminum ceilings create a sense of dining right on the docks, where the seafood is served straight off the boat. Lee’s patrons say the Sunday lobster dinner is out of this world, the Wi-Fi is steady, and the numerous flatscreen TVs play sports games without all the noise of a sports bar. This raw bar may have just opened, but it’s already hosting a steady stream of regulars, and it even does brisket and smoked chicken wings well for non-seafood eaters. While Lee’s doesn’t take reservations, heat lamps outside keep you warm when there’s a wait during busy nights. The service always feels familiar, and happy hour deals like 50-cent oysters and $2 off ice cold drinks can’t be beat.


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