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Bakeries in Baltimore: 5 Worldwide Styles in Charm City

June 8, 2016

People have been playing with dough since we discovered it. Different cultural timelines led master bakers down different paths in different countries. We’re left with a bounty of breads and a plethora of pastries from all around the world! Here are 5 international bakeries in Baltimore that do it right.

Italian Inventions: Pitango Bakery and Café

A pastry and a cappuccino are all that Italians have for breakfast. Since pastries make up a third of their meals, Italians tend to do baked goods justice. Pitango Bakery and Café brings the immaculate taste of Italian baking to Baltimore. This is the place to fulfill your foccacia fix or crush your craving for a croissant (yes, we know croissants are French—Pitango just happens to make really really good ones). If you’re grabbing something for home, we’d advise grabbing something for the trip as well. Pitango’s goods tend to disappear on the walk. 

German Genius: Hoehn’s Bakery

Hoehn Bakery’s peach cake is famous for good reason. Using local peaches—the finest in the country—Hoehn’s arranges luscious slices atop their decadent slab cake. It’s like an open-faced peach and dough sandwich, and if you haven’t tried one yet, you’re blowing it. These are only available when the peaches are (summertime), but don’t fret! Everything from their donuts to cupcakes to bread pudding is crafted with skill and passion.

Mediterranean Must-Try: Yia Yia’s Bakery

Yia Yia’s Bakery has mastered pastries of every flag, from France to Finland. But they’re a Greek bakery at heart, and their Mediterranean pastries prove it. You’ll not find better Baklava in Baltimore, and their other Greek specialties are equally remarkable. Yia Yia’s also excels at cake-making. Whether you’re looking for something run-of-the-mill or custom, this little bakery has your back!  

Fabulously French: Café Poupon

Glamorous cakes. Meticulously-crafted macarons. Killer croissants. When it comes to French baked goods, Café Poupon has Baltimore on lock. Whether you’re hankering for something as delicate as a swan cream puff or as hearty as a roast beef baguette, this French bakery will do you right. Try some authentic Italian espresso to wash it down!

Veritably Vegan: Harmony Bakery

Okay, we know that vegan isn’t a country. But it’s a style all of its own, and we couldn’t pen an article about bakeries in Baltimore without mentioning Harmony Bakery. Located in Hampden, this considerate bakery mills alternative flours on-premise—gluten-free folk rejoice! They also work with vegan ingredients (such as cashew butter) to make delicious baked treats available to those of every lifestyle.

5 styles, 5 bakeries, 1 city. Baltimore has truly earned its ‘Charm City’ moniker. If you love Baltimore as much as we do, don’t compromise in living here! 1305 Dock Street is a new waterfront apartment complex in Harbor Point. We have to warn you that many of the best bakeries are nearby in Little Italy—having them in walking distance is as dangerous as it is delightful. Reach out to us today!


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