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5 Inner Harbor Attractions to Explore in Baltimore

June 1, 2016

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is one of its premier neighborhoods. Whether you’re hankering for food or fun, these Inner Harbor attractions can provide it. Here are just 5 reasons why you should make your way to the waterfront.

Visit the National Aquarium

There’s something hypnotic about a good aquarium. Luckily for visitors and natives alike, Baltimore’s National Aquarium is one of the best. Whether you’re looking to be astounded by vibrant reef fish or unsettled by denizens of the deep, the National Aquarium can deliver. After spending all day looking out at the water’s surface, it’s nice to spend some time peering beneath.  

Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum

If fish aren’t your thing, then—statistically speaking—baseball probably is. So why not take advantage of one of the finest Inner Harbor attractions, the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum? A Baltimore native, George Herman “Babe” Ruth is an icon of the city. In this tribute to his legacy, his birthplace was turned into a museum. It catalogs his life and houses much of his memorabilia. Though it’s two blocks from Inner Harbor, any baseball fan should try to stop by.

Charter A Ship For A Day On The Bay

Whether you charter a yacht or hop aboard a water taxi, Baltimore’s open water will astound you. The city is a sight to behold from the water, especially at sunset. Baltimore is first and foremost a harbor city. To truly embrace it, you have to take part in its aquatic side! To do otherwise would be like visiting Venice and eschewing the water the entire time.

Inner Harbor Attractions = Foodie Paradise

Whether you decide to stay in the heart of Inner Harbor or branch out to the neighboring Power Plant Live or Little Italy districts, you can’t go wrong with the food in this area. You can find the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted, or perhaps hunt down a timeless tavern with a wealth of craft beers. Whatever your gastronomic goal, you’ll find it in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

Explore The Rich History Of The Harbor

If history is your jam, you’ll be happy to hear that naval history is alive and well in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Many of the neighborhood’s attractions are historic ships—traders, pioneers and warriors alike. Baltimore is a city nurtured from nautical roots, so the history of the harbor is tied to every part of the metropolis.


All of these amazing opportunities exist in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. A step to the north is Power Plant Live, a premier food and entertainment district, and a short walk to Camden Yard will open up a world of sports-related opportunities. 1305 Dock Street is in the midst of it all. Get in touch with us today to situate yourself in the heart of Charm City!


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