Baltimore Parks: 4 Outdoor Oases To Explore This Weekend

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Baltimore Parks: 4 Outdoor Oases To Explore This Weekend

May 25, 2016

Baltimore may be a metropolis, but there are green corners fringing the cityscape. A day trip to a Baltimore park is a great way to decompress after a long week at a desk. These are 4 places that you may not have heard of before. Even if you’ve been to them a hundred times, there’s always a new leaf to turn in Baltimore’s parks.

Patterson Park

Okay, so you’ve probably already been here. But Patterson Park is Baltimore’s premier park for a good reason. Even though it’s smaller than many of the other reserves in the city, it has most everything you could want from a  condensed into its 55 acres. Fishing—check. International architecture—check. A swimming pool, dog parks, winter ice rinks, summer concerts—checks across the board. Even if you’ve visited Patterson Park before, try looking at it through a foreigner’s eyes next time you swing through!

Lake Roland Park

Lake Roland Park offers the perfect location for waterfront activities, including kayaking and canoeing. Your pups can even get in the aquatic action at Paw Point Dog Park! Even if the water isn’t calling you, Lake Roland Park’s absolutely gorgeous 415 acres should. This is one of the most verdant and bucolic spaces Baltimore county has to offer. Get out here early on a sunny day and you won’t regret it.

Reed Bird Island/Cherry Hill Park

Baltimore’s first waterfront park has lost none of its lustre. Divided by the Patapsco river, these two green oases feature plenty of room to relax and explore. This is one of our favorite places to picnic! Pack a lunch and be ready to walk, because the winding, waterbound trails will compel you to keep hiking for hours on end.

Druid Hill Park

With a zoo, disc golf course, and public pool, Druid Hill park is a destination for people of every sort. There’s a lake at this park, as well, making it a great spot for hiking, biking and boating on your day off. If you’re just looking to feast your eyes on some natural beauty, you’re in luck. Within its 745 acres are plentiful gardens, greenhouses and open fields.

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