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6 Sippable Spots: Where To Find The Best Coffee in Baltimore

May 11, 2016

It’s okay to be hooked on coffee—many of us are. It’s less acceptable, however, if you feed that addiction with subpar product. Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have brews that will wake you up, to be sure. But if you really love magical bean juice, then you know that there’s more to the stuff than its stimulative properties. We at Dock Street are open coffee connoisseurs, so we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the best coffee in Baltimore.

Baltimore Coffee & Tea

Okay, so we repudiated some coffee chains at the start, we can’t help but recommend Baltimore Coffee & Tea. After all, becoming a chain is only bad when it starts to affect coffee quality, which is not a problem in this Baltimore line—they still roast their beans on the premises. Couple with this with their absolutely massive selection of coffees and teas, and java-heads will be right at home.

Brew of Note: Toffee Nut Latte

Artifact Coffee

While the most ascetic of coffee lovers will always advocate pure roasts, there’s something to be said for exotic flavors. From honey macchiatos to specialty drinks like the peach buttermilk snow cream, Artifact Coffee has variations of all your favorite basics. Oh, and their regular coffee is killer, too.

Brew of Note: Basil Mint Creamy


This Korean-inspired cafe serves a variety of delectable dishes that span from lunch to dinner. But you’re here for the coffee, so believe us when we say that Dooby’s has some tasty brew. Believe it or not, coffee and Korean fare are a match made in heaven.

Brew of Note: Korean Iced Coffee (made with Sweet Red Bean and Condensed Milk)

3 Bean Coffee

Coffee, teas, and pies—oh my! 3 Bean Coffee is known around Baltimore for creating coffee art that’s almost too good to drink. They outsource most of the foodstuff they offer, meaning the brunt of their efforts go into brewing immaculate coffee.

Brew of Note: Lavendar Latte

Zeke’s Coffee

Zeke’s Coffee is a family-owned roaster that makes small batches of incredible coffee. Several prominent coffee shops in Baltimore outsource Zeke’s coffee instead of creating their own—it’s that hard to beat. It’s arguably the best coffee in Baltimore. The cozy, atmospheric venue makes the coffee-drinking experience here all-the-warmer.

Brew of Note: Cortadito (Cuban Coffee)

Water for Chocolate

Water for Chocolate wins in the category of name, but how does its coffee hold up? While it doesn’t quite match the pure quality of Zeke’s, Water for Chocolate more than makes up for it with ingenuity. We’re not sure why their coffee ice cubes aren’t a universal practice for iced coffee yet.

Brew of Note: Iced Coffee with Coffee Ice Cubes


There you have it—some of the best coffee in Baltimore. Next time you’re out seeking zippy things to sip, why not check out 1305 Dock Street? Located in Harbor Point (next to Fells Point and Little Italy, the two most coffee-friendly neighborhoods in Baltimore), these new residences boast a harbor view and a wealth of other features and amenities. Reach out to us today!