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5 Advantages of Having A Harbor View in Baltimore

May 4, 2016

Waterfront properties have always been desirable for obvious reasons, and people are willing to pay for it. Why? Well, believe it or not, life on the waterfront has more to offer than just great views.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to seek a Baltimore home with a harbor view, consider these benefits of waterfront living.

Best Walk/Run/Cycle Route in the City

It’s not easy to exercise in a big city. There are cars and pedestrians to dodge, gum to overstep, concrete to stare at, and 1001 other impediments to avoid. When you live on Baltimore’s harbor, however, there’s a scenic route built into the neighborhood: The Promenade! So whether you’re craving a sunrise run, dusk stroll, or just need to take Fido for a walk, the waterfront has you covered. 

You’ll Actually See the Sunrise

Dawn makes for some exquisite views. However, city skylines are notorious for obscuring the rising sun. Not so when you have a harbor view. Being the first line between the sea and the city, you can see the sun clamber its way out of the sea to light each new day—provided you’re up early enough, of course.

Dine on Spectacularly Fresh Seafood

There’s an adage that advises against eating seafood in landlocked areas.The argument goes something like this: fresh seafood is the only stuff worth eating, and anywhere without access to a body of water won’t have fresh fish.

Luckily, this is far from a problem in Baltimore. The city is stuffed with sterling seafood spots, and they only get more plentiful as you approach the harbor. Neighborhoods like Inner Harbor and Fells Point have some of the best seafood in the city, and a waterfront view to boot.  

Less Stress Equals Better Health

It’s no secret—water calms us down. Something about an expanse of open blue, about the methodic, melodic thrum of the tides, diffuses stress in the brain. It’s also no secret that stress has negative effects on your body and mind. Imagine coming home to a view of the ocean and an aquatic symphony after a long, tiring day. Residual stress won’t stand a chance.

Walk to Waterfront Events and Markets

People are drawn to the waterfront. As such, there are plenty of events and markets that crop up within walking distance. Stroll down the promenade and listen to some live music, see a spontaneous car show, grab Bahn Mi from a food truck, or procure some fresh produce for the upcoming week. Whatever you find, it’s bound to be fun!

There you have it—scientific and anecdotal evidence of the benefits of waterfront living. If you think a view of the Baltimore harbor is something you’d like for your next home, consider 1305 Dock Street, the newest name in Baltimore luxury apartments. Get in touch with us today!


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