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6 Spots To Get The Best Seafood in Baltimore

April 27, 2016

Any seaport—especially one as grand and influential as Baltimore—is going to boast a lot of seafood. The problem is, how do you separate the exceptional options from the chaff? Luckily for you, we love Baltimore, and we love food (and we guess we like you, too.) So we’ve laid out the best seafood spots in Baltimore.

Thames Street Oyster House

Where: 1728 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231

What’s Good: Thames Street Oyster House serves exquisite seafood directly off the harbor. Try the oyster po’ boy or the lobster roll for a bread-bedecked take on some classic Baltimore seafood.

The Prime Rib

Where: 1101 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202

What’s Good: The Prime Rib may sound like a run-of-the-mill steakhouse, but rest assured—its seafood is exceptional. You can’t go wrong any of their oyster dishes, and ordering any fish “Chesapeake style” will net you a huge helping of juicy imperial crab. Fair warning: a night out at The Prime Rib is not a cheap endeavor, but it’s definitely a great destination for a big occasion.

Koco’s Pub

Where: 4301 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214

What’s Good: Top-notch seafood in a pub setting? Sounds weird, but the crab cakes at Koco’s Pub are oh-so-right. Jumbo chunks of meat, minimal filler, 100% amazing. In a city known for its crab, it takes a lot to stand out, but Koco’s crab cakes just may be the best in the city.

LP Steamers

Where: 1100 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

What’s Good: Stunning views and entire crabs ready to be cracked are hallmarks of LP Steamers. Come with an appetite for huge quantities of meaty shellfish and you won’t be disappointed. The amount of lobster, oyster, blue crab, calamari, clams, etc. you can get here for a reasonable price is sometimes astonishing.

Faidley Seafood

Where: 203 N Paca St, Baltimore, MD 21201

What’s Good: Nancy Faidley’s jumbo lump crab cake is known throughout Baltimore as a true delicacy, but don’t let that stop you from trying the equally decadent oysters, shrimp, lobster bisque, or whatever else catches your eye on Faidley Seafood’s menu!

Mama’s On The Half Shell

Where: 2901 O’Donnell St, Baltimore, MD 21224

What’s Good: Fresh seafood, solid entrees, and delectable desserts make this a hotspot when it comes to Baltimore seafood. Oyster fans won’t want to miss anything oyster-related on the menu at Mama’s On The Half Shell, and the fried soft-shelled crab is to die for.


Do yourself a favor, seafood fans, and check out the places on this list that you’ve yet to visit. Well, maybe save The Prime Rib for a special occasion, but dinner’s a-callin’ from the other spots on this list. When you’ve had your fill of the best seafood in Baltimore, come check out 1305 Dock Street apartments, located right on the harbor. Contact us today to find out more!


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